Why Should You Pursue Higher Education At Manchester?

Manchester is the third most populous area of England with a population of 3.2 million. It was the textile manufacturing business that boosted its urbanization during the 19th century and helped it become the world’s first industrialized city. There is no doubt that apart from London, Manchester is the highest ranked British city with notable works in architecture, culture, engineering, scientific output, popular media exploitation, social impact, sports-related events, and transportation. Located at a distance of about 35 miles north-east of Liverpool and 35 miles north-west of Sheffield, Manchester has a lot of heavy railway lines entering its vicinity from all directions. There is no doubt that it is very much indeed a very quirky and vibrant place for anyone who wants to live their lives to the fullest. As a student who wants to pursue higher education, Manchester serves to be a primary gateway for many young and aspiring minds. In this post, we would like to share with you some pointers as to why you should follow your dreams and passion within the purlieu of this gorgeous metropolitan.

Affordable Cost of Living

If you compare Manchester with London, then it is fairly reasonable to say that the cost of living is much cheaper than the capital. The rent is also much less when compared. With only £600 per month on a one bedroom flat, you can easily afford to save on other utilities as well. Other factors like traveling and your daily essential items are also less hefty which allows you to not dig too deep into your bank account. For students this a huge relief because the majority of their savings and financial resources are spent on their education and this leaves them with very limited buying power. Some are even forced to work during their learning years which makes it even more difficult for them to stay focused on their education. Nobody likes to face financial constraints on a daily basis and that is why Manchester simply walks towards the finish line coming in first when it comes to affordability and of living in the UK.

Commutation & Traveling

If you want the best mode of public transport available in all of Europe than Manchester probably lies in the top tier. The city boasts one of the busiest bus routes and furthermore there free shuttle bus services operated by the city center that offers you easy commute between mainline railway stations and other key areas of the city. Adding more to the benefit, you can also get an unlimited traveling pass for your choice of bus service for the entire week in as little as £5. For students, there are other discounted options available as well. To get more information about public transport options available simply visit the GMPTE website and find all the routes and services offered by the Greater Manchester Transport department. A Young Person’s Rail Card is also available for those who are from 16-25 years of age or pursuing full-time education. This cuts down your traveling fairs considerably and is thus a great option to avail.

Exceptional Higher Education Institutes

As a student, you are always on the lookout for a reputable institute from where you can pursue a high quality of education and attain your professional degree. Manchester doesn’t fall short in this regard and offers you tremendous opportunity to study at some of its most prestigious universities. There is that the University of Manchester followed by MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University), and the MBS (Manchester Business School). Many of these establishments are renowned for their standards of education internationally. The University of Manchester itself comes in the top 50 educational institutes across the globe. In 2014 it was ranked at 38th Top University of the World. It is a great honor and prestige for any student to become a part of these incredible learning systems which offer high caliber interactions with brilliant students and open a lot of opportunities for networking in the future as well.

Diversity & Multicultural Environment

Manchester is a beta world city as ranked by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, or on other words a global city. People from all over the world including China, India, Jamaica, Poland, and the USA have settled here. There are Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and a lot of other religion followers which make the majority of its population and workforce. Hence it serves as a great spot for international students to visit and aim for their professional qualifications from its well respected and prestigious universities. There is a lot of diversity and various different culture to explore. Over the years it has served as the host for numerous international events and festivals. This is a city that offers young pupils a lot of exposure to a wide variety of heritage and customs. Students will have the ability to interact with other students and study with them which they would never have the opportunity to engage or encounter otherwise in their lifetime.

Notable Antiquity

There is a long line of history for this city when it comes to industrial success, innovation in science and technology, as well as quite a few pioneering residents. Ever since the cotton production boom, this part of the world instantly emerged as a trade center. Furthermore to add icing on the cake, around 20 Nobel Prize winners are from this city, born in this city, and studied from here as well. Memorable names include Ernest Rutherford 1908 and Konstantin Novoselov 2010. A lot of discoveries and inventions have also been accredited to this great place including the splitting of the atom as well as the first computer ever made. This is a friendly and hospitable place that welcomes you with open arms giving you a chance to prove yourself to the entire world.

Sociability & Life Styles

When it comes to entertainment and having fun outdoors, Manchester has something to offer to everyone. This is the city is neither too big nor too small, but it has enough opportunities to keep you satisfied for a lifetime. There are these world-class sporting venues for those who love to watch football and stadiums are brewing with merriment and pure exhilaration of the crowd. Tennis courts are plenty, athletics arena, swimming pools, gymnasiums, parks, you name it. Then there is the nightlife and shopping malls which can get you in the mood, break your boredom, and enjoy your time to achieve maximum leisure. A lot of culture, art, and history has also been preserved and well maintained by the officials. Finding a well-known landmark or spot in this city is pretty easy. Overall it is a great place for anyone who is looking for a fresh start into their domestic life and professional career as well.

Summarized Overview

We would like to cut short and offer a brief overview to fortify what we have mentioned so far:

  • Four of the world’s best universities are in Manchester.
  • It has often been ranked as the best city to live in the UK several times over the years.
  • Over 19,000 international students visit the metropolitan every year.
  • A huge student community of over 99,000 aspiring individuals.
  • The biggest student campus in Europe.

This as well as well as a gargantuan of professional opportunities awaits those who want to pursue their higher qualification in the UK. It offers you over 1.26 million jobs, 100K+ businesses, 51.5% retention rate for graduates, and an average salary of £25,000 when you graduate. Hence if you are a student who wants to complete their professional qualification and start a bright and prosperous career for yourself, this city can help you accomplish your dreams. You simply do not have to bother as there are tons of multinational corporations that are ready to offer you employment based on your performance and professional qualification. It is a complete match and ideally the perfect vision for anyone who seeks to succeed in their private and personal life. So start packing and leave for Manchester at your earliest. This is one great opportunity that you simply should miss out on. Even if you are not living in Manchester, you should at the least give a try to relocate to this wonderful place. Even if you are a post-graduate this is one of that city that should be on the top of your list to settle down and start a family of your own. Accommodation is relatively much easier to find and affordable as well.

We hope this post was able to enlighten you regarding the reasons as to why you should pursue your higher education at Manchester. However, if you are a student who is currently facing trouble regarding their academic written work, then simply ask for professional and specialized support. There is a reliable and dependable essay writing service available that can provide you with the superb quality of written work on time at feasible charges with the support of qualified and experienced writers.

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