4 Tips to Write an Outstanding Personal Statement

You have just finished your college with exceptional grades, and now, it’s time to step into your university life. But before that, you have to complete the most daunting section in a university application form, and that is the personal statement.

This is the section at which you have to showcase your personal abilities and give a solid reason to the admissions department to accept your application. In fact, the section of the application forces you to present something more than your academic ability. In simple word, you need to persuade the admission department how you are different from all other students and why you should be offered a seat.

But what needs to be included in your personal statement and make it stand out from all others? Here are our top tips.

1. Start Working On It from the Word Go

Not everything has an ideal time to work on. But it’s always ideal to start working on a dreading task before the simpler ones.

Similarly, instead of spending more of your time filling up all other sections of your application form first. Try to plan more of your time in completing your personal statement. The point is to continue giving thoughts to your personal statement while completing other sections of your application. Continue your research regarding the university you are applying it, and note down all the benefits that will facilitate you when you study there. Meanwhile, make points what an amazing student you would be studying there.

2. Develop Your Personal Statement into Different Sections

Ideally, a person should be between 500 to 1000 words that are approximately one and a half page of an A4 Sheet. So, plan on writing it into two to three sections and a plan a couple of paragraphs for each section.

For instance, in one section you can showcase your personal achievements, skills, volunteer work and any other task you have spent your time apart from your studies. And in another, you can present your soft skill, personal abilities and traits to present a good picture of your overall personality.

3. Don’t Overstate

Personal statements give students a chance to give a perfect picture of their abilities in their own words. However, students should always avoid overstating just to get themselves ahead of other applicants.

The officials working in the university admissions department usually have years of experience in reading and analyzing students’ personal statements. So, don’t exaggerate and try impressing them, which may result in more harm than good as they know what is feasible for a student of your age.

4. Avoid Stating Someone’s Else Personality

There is no harm asking your first-year university friend for the personal statement he or she submitted. Just to get a better idea of the general structure or to get the template. But copying the words in your own personal statement can make your application get rejected straight away. As the admission department in universities checks your application for plagiarism and if they find content being copied from anyone else, then it means you are in trouble.

So, it’s to better not to copy any content from others and not let your application get rejected because of a mistake.

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